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ProForm Trainer 12.0 Treadmill – 2020

ProForm Trainer 12.0 Treadmill - 2020

ProForm Trainer 12.0 Treadmill – 2020 Condition: Open BoxModel Year: 202030 Day iFit free trial includedWeight Capacity: 325 lbs15% Digital Quick Incline„, -3% Digital Quick Decline„ Control0 “ 12 MPH Digital QuickSpeed ControlHuge 3.8 CHP Mach Z„ Commercial Plus MotorUnit comes fully assembled and ready to useWarranty: 90 days labor, 3 years parts (does not cover normal wear and tear)About New Life Cardio: New Life Cardio is a liquidator for cardio equipment manufacturers. Our inventory consists of name brand cardio equipment, with boxes that were damaged in shipping. While the machines are perfectly fine, they cannot be sold as œbrand new due to their damaged boxes. Our technicians assemble them and conduct rigorous testing to assure they meet the highest-quality standards. They are then ready to sell, in perfect working condition but without a box. Without the box you save up to 50% off the manufacturers original retail price.iFit Coach Bluetooth Smart Enabled*Have you ever wondered what it™s like to run in Barcelona? Just press start. Download a Google Maps„ route or create your own. This iFit Coach Bluetooth Smart Enabled treadmill automatically adjusts the incline to recreate trails from Mongolia to Ecuador. Customize your training with unlimited workouts designed by certified personal trainers. This ever-growing workout library offers programs that progress with you from beginner to marathoner. Subscription required.*Access iFit account from computer, tablet, or smartphone. Requires membership, sold separately. Trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. Google Maps„ is a trademark of Google, Inc. Syncing iFit account from tablet to machine currently on Android„ and iOS tablets only. Tablet not included.7 High-Contrast DisplayStay in clear control and simply track your workout stats with this easy-to-view 7 high-contrast display.32 On-Board WorkoutsAfter years of hard work and innovation, we figured out how to make your fitness experience convenient and simple. When you step on the deck of a ProForm treadmill, you get instant access to professional training programs fully loaded and ready to go. Now you can enjoy a challenging workout focused in on your goals.EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Sensor*Grab ahold of in-the-moment heart rate monitoring. These two hand-grip sensors are conveniently built into the handlebars. In a couple seconds, you™ll be able to see your heart rate while you train.*Certain instances can hinder an accurate heart rate reading, including your physical characteristics, the type and intensity of your activity, etc.3.8 CHP Mach Z„ Commercial Plus MotorChoose the motor that will run with you from Chicago to Cape Town. Smooth. Powerful. Durable. Proven. This large-frame motor stays cool through the toughest workouts; creates high levels of inertia for a smooth, powerful feel; and promises a quiet in-home experience. Great for heavy use, this motor is built with high-quality components, proven with our lifetime motor warranty.22 x 60 Tread BeltBecause your in-home workout experience should be a comfortable one, ProForm designed a roomy deck so you won™t feel confined as you walk, jog, and run. The 60-inch length gives your legs plenty of room to stretch out your stride. And the 22-inch width allows your upper-body extra elbow room. To ensure our treadmills are top quality, we test each belt for one million cycles at double the user weight before release.0 “ 12 MPH Digital QuickSpeed ControlNot everybody runs at 12 miles per hour, but it™s nice to know this treadmill can totally handle it. Thanks to a bigger motor size, the Trainer 12.0 rocks a top speed of 12 mph. Our in-home efficiency booster means you can run every day without using excessive amounts of electricity. And the convenient QuickSpeed buttons let you adjust your intensity instantly, so you can stay focused through every step of your workout.15% Digital Quick Incline„, -3% Digital Quick Decline„ ControlWe consider incline training the treadmill game changer”you can realistically condition your body for any hill or any valley. The Trainer 12.0 offers powered, automatic incline and decline adjustability. For the complete real-world experience, take your grade into the negative for the full range of training.ProShox„ CushioningOne of our top goals is to provide you with a comfortable workout. Every treadmill we release is equipped with cushioning throughout the deck area. So as you walk, jog, or run, you™ll have a softer landing with every step. With less stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips, you™ll be able to enjoy a longer workout and faster recovery time. It™s one reason why people love their ProForm treadmills.2.5 Balanced RollersWe know that a quality product is all about the details. That™s why we™ve built the Trainer 12.0 with 2.5-inch precision-machined, balanced, non-flex rollers. Large belt rollers decrease tension, which keeps wear and tear to a minimum. You™ll also notice less noise and better grip.SpaceSaver Design with EasyLift„ AssistWe know you like your house to be clutter-free. So we invented a treadmill that folds up and out of the way when you™re done with your workout. It totally rocked the fitness industry; but honestly, we™re just glad you don™t have to sacrifice your living space for your fitness habit anymore. And as an added bonus, we built in a powerful shock that helps you lift the deck with an easy push.CoolAire„ Workout FanOur built-in CoolAire„ fan keeps your workout comfortable from the moment you step onto the deck to the moment you step off. Choose from two speed settings for instant control”because one of the joys of indoor workouts is climate control. Even if it™s raining, foggy, blazing hot, or bad air quality outside”you™ll be comfortable inside.Integrated Tablet Holder with DeVice Grip„ DesignMake fitness time multi-tasking time. This adjustable holder clamps down to secure your tablet and keeps it conveniently close so you have access to all your training tools and entertainment must-haves.Accessory TrayNobody likes to run with a phone and keys spilling out of their pockets. Keep all your necessities within arm™s reach with the built-in accessory tray.Audio Auxiliary PortPlug-in to a better sound system. The included audio auxiliary port allows you to listen to your entertainment at a higher volume. Built with dual 2-inch speakers, you™ll be able to hear your music or videos with less complication. Experts have learned that we actually increase or decrease our pace to match the tempo of our tunes. Plus, music has also been proven to lower perceived exertion. That™s great news.300 Lb. Weight CapacityFootprintWhen this treadmill is fully assembled, the width by depth by height dimensions are 39.15 W x 79 D x 71.4 H.

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